Short introduction

Alain Janquart, born in Halle on April 25, 1976

Professionally I work with ICT. I also have my own small company that helps people with computer problems. I also sell computer equipment and make websites.

More information can be found on the website of IOZA.

As a child I was already interested in photography. This by using a few cheap analog devices.

When I was traveling in New-York (1997) I could not resist buying a more professional device, namely a Canon Rebel G. Deze werkt nog altijd en wordt regelmatig nog gebruikt om analoge opnames te maken. (Ja, zelfs in deze digitale tijden)

After my computer science studies, I had less time and my interest in photography decreased.

Until I came into contact with Hugo Claus in 2010. Hugo Claus (no, not the famous writer). He is a very skilled photographer who spoke passionately about his interest. And the pilot light suddenly became a big flame again.

First I bought a Nikon D5200 to switch that to a Nikon D750 with accompanying lenses. Meanwhile, Fuji has appeared on the horizon.

Photography is first and foremost to look at. An image must appeal. The technology is only incidental. That does not mean that technology is not important, on the contrary, but art cannot be divided into boxes and rules. The most successful artists are those who flout the rules and freely follow their feelings.

My interest is mainly in black and white photography.

The photos on this website are my personal property and may not be used without written permission. Most photos can be purchased and printed in large format (40cmx60cm) on different materials.

Er kan ook op maat gewerkt worden. U kan mij contacteren om te zien hoe we uw project kunnen verwezelijken.